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 P.R.O.M. (Professional, Resilient, Optimistic, Mentors) 

A mentorship program developed to enrich the lives and futures of high school girls in need 

We Are P.R.O.M. is a non-profit organization, founded by Celia DeLeon, focused on mentoring young ladies starting their sophomore year in high school.  At the end of the mentorship program, each mentee is rewarded with a fully sponsored Prom evening!  


We Are P.R.O.M. is a group of women who are successful, strong, community leaders striving to make a difference. This amazing group of women is committed to dedicating their time to mentoring young ladies in local high schools throughout the school year. 

Young ladies are nominated by their school teachers, counselors and principals based on their character, resilience, and hard work and dedication in school.  Our mentors meet with the girls in group settings to provide guidance and coaching.  We strive to be their biggest supporters and personal cheerleaders!

Prior to prom, our organization will host a presentation night. 

Attendees will include the girls, their families, educators, mentors, volunteers and sponsors.  Gifts will be presented to the girls and recognition will be given to the sponsors and all involved. The night will consist of each girl receiving a complete Prom package, including their prom dress, all accessories, hair, nails and makeup. 

The goal of this mentorship program is to provide life skills and guidance (a year of growth!) to the girls with a paid-in-full prom night as their "icing on the cake" for all of their efforts and hard work throughout the year!

To learn more about the mentorship program itself and/or how you can be a sponsor in this incredible organization, please click on the Our Sponsors tab. If you are a parent, and would like to know more, please click on the For Parents tab. For questions and/or any additional information, please contact Celia DeLeon using the contact information below.


There are many ways you can help We Are P.R.O.M.!

  • Monetary Donations: We are a purely non-profit organization, so cash donations are in great need. You can give cash, donate using the PayPal link below, and/or contact Celia DeLeon using the contact information below to learn what other payment/donation methods are available. 
  • Dresses: We are always looking for dress donations!   "In-style" Prom Dresses are preferred & appreciated!
  • Your TIME! We are always looking for volunteers to serve on the following committees: Mentorship, Fundraising, Program Development, and more! (Go to the Committee Members tab for more information.)
  • Sponsorship: Please click on the sponsorship tab to learn how you, or your company, can sponsor We Are P.R.O.M.

Phone: 918.960.4389
Facebook: @weareprom

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Find our 501(c)(3) under: Business with a Vision Institute, dba We Are PROM

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