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How to get involved by joining a committee!

In order to be successful in covering the many aspects of We Are P.R.O.M., it is important for all members to pick the committee that best fits their area of expertise and passion.  Below you will find all of the members names, as well as information about each committee's responsibilities.

Mentor Committee

Aymee Beiter, Chair

Sophie Arroyo, Co-Chair

Fundraising Committee

Christi Gillespie, Chair

Communications  & Events Committee 

Amy Bell, Chair

Elian Hurtado, Chair

Blanca Aguilar, Co-Chair

Mentor Committee

Our mentor committee meets at least once a month as a group.  This allows for training, concerns, questions, and status updates. Two to four mentors are assigned to each young lady in the program; there are always at least two mentors present when meeting with the girls.  Mentor/Mentee  meetings are held a minimum twice per month. Depending on needs, there may be additional meetings during that same month.  Mentors work to find a time that works with the girls' schedules; for example, during their school lunch hour or after school.  

If you wish to become a mentor, please contact Aymee BeiterMentor Committee Chair

Events Committee

The events committee meets once a month as a group to discuss needs for prom night, such as dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. This committee also plans our Presentation Night, which is an event that includes the presentation of the girls' prom attire/accessories, sponsor recognition and dinner.  

The events committee also recruits volunteers and seeks/accepts donations on behalf of We Are PROM.   They are looking for volunteers such as hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, etc. Donation items needed may vary.  

In addition to prom dresses/accessories, depending on the needs of the school, other items may be asked for as well.  High Schools have asked us for items such as coats, travel size shampoo & conditioner, lotion, and other basic needs.  We learn about each school and will update our lists as needed.  

If you wish to donate items, please contact Elian Hurtado, Events Chair

Fundraising Committee

The fundraiser committee meets once a month as a group.  They evaluate the funds needed to cover items not donated and the budget for our Presentation Night.  This event is held a few weeks before Prom.  It is a beautiful event where the young ladies will receive all their attire for Prom.  We invite the girls families, educators  involved in the girls nominations, all members and all the amazing sponsors.  This night allows us to celebrate the girls amazing year, as well as recognize everyone involved in making this a memorable night.  

If you wish to sponsor, please contact Christi Gillespie, Fundraising Committee Chair

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