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The Executive Team

Business With A Vision Institute, dba We Are P.R.O.M.

About Our Founder

Celia DeLeon was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, but has called Broken Arrow, Oklahoma her home for the last twenty years.  She came from what everyone considers a stable home; a middle class family, raised by both parents. However, the way she was raised was quite unique; she was raised in what Celia considers a "cult".  This religion/"cult" did not allow her to celebrate birthdays or any of the holidays "normal" children participated in, join any extracurricular activities in school, build friendships with anyone outside their congregation, attend school dances, date, and even discouraged from pursuing higher education. Living daily in this environment caused Celia to suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, and self-doubt.  In her mid twenties, as a married adult; with her husbands love and support, Celia was able to overcome much of those feelings. Part of the healing process for Celia was to fulfill her dream of one day helping other teenage girls overcome their own obstacles. 

Over the last several years, Celia has had the honor of meeting many kind-hearted, successful, female leaders in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow, OK areas.  This is when her dream began to take shape.  The vision was to mentor young ladies throughout their high school years, and ultimately giving them something Celia never had, the gift of a Prom to remember!  The dress and prom accessories would be an exciting part, but the mentoring would be critical to achieve a positive impact in these girls' lives both now and in their future.  This is when Celia united all those wonderful women she knew and together created We Are PROM. 

The amazing mentors that are part of We Are PROM, all have something special.  They have amazing stories, struggles they overcame, and some have been blessed with a mentor.  Together, We Are PROM is committed to make a difference in as many young ladies as possible.

If you have questions, please email Celia DeLeon

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